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So you want to join our team? Send us your application by filling out this google form!


Listed below are the available officer positions. The number of people per position may vary.

Secretary:  (1 person)



  • Maintain all club records

  • Record and keep minutes of all club and board meetings and provide copies to the board of directors.

  • Maintain all club correspondence.

  • Maintain all membership records.

  • Record member attendance records

  • Serve as an active member 

  • Send thank you emails to donors and homeless shelters (these will probably also include getting a testimonial from them)

    • Keep in close contact with members who are volunteers/chapter presidents

  • In charge of checking on the club’s website and social media platforms



  • Must be organized

  • Needs to show that they are on top of things like sending emails and follow up emails

  • Computer literacy (the ability to use email and word processing and spreadsheet software)

  • Good time management

  • Ability to take accurate notes of meetings

Treasurer: (2 people)


  • Needs to maintain and keep a constant and accurate record of all club financial transactions

  • responsible for leading projects which will help improve the financial position of the club.

  • should participate in the decision-making process on fundraising events

  • Needs to work closely with the fundraising officer

  • should always be in close contact with the secretary, vice president, and president.



  • Needs to have a good background in keeping track of money

  • Needs to be organized and track information of funds and spendings on something like a Google sheet that will be shared with the VP and Presidents and responsibility

Fundraising Commissioner: (2 people)



  • Position revolves around recruiting, organizing and inspiring volunteers

  • Managing information and recording the profile and fundraising activity of donors 

  • Must create effective strategies for maximizing donations

  • Hosting events that both help the community while also getting some funds out of it

  • Will be working closely with Publicity Officer/Events Coordinator

  • Track ongoing fundraisers and make progress reports to the team.

  • Organize volunteers to help with fundraisers


  • Must upload a potential flyer that advertises a fundraising event (made up; doesn’t have to be for something real)

Publicity Officer/Events Coordinator:  (2 people)



  • arranging event services and monitoring client approval

    • These include: team donation drives, activities for donations, and team volunteering at centers like the salvation army

  • Will be working closely with members to organize these events

  • Ultimately, it would be nice to host 1 or 2 events a year

  • Will be advertising the teaching workshops and also reaching out to local dental offices to donate items



  • Must upload a potential flyer that advertises teaching workshops when applying for this position

    • Need to have one example of an event you organized or need to provide one idea of a potential event/publicity that you might do when you have this officer position

Public relations manager: (1 person)



  • Needs to update all social media platforms with the latest information

  • Posts on all official social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and follow/follow up members or partners

  • In charge of getting more people to view the social pages

  • In charge of reaching out to various dentists or people who want to donate things

  • Needs to keep track of where and when items have been donated to

  • Writes monthly newsletter about current events (either in org or just current affairs)

  • Stay active on the club’s social media and social relations



  • None

Website manager: (1 person)



  • Constantly updates the website

  • Works with founders to communicate issues

  • In charge of sending in the monthly newsletters on the website

  • Must be able to detect issues and problems



  • Basic knowledge of website designing on the Wix Site

  • Knowing code is not necessary to apply

Regional manager: (# of people varies)



  • A volunteer that donates to a certain area (Fremont, Union City, Oakland, etc)

  • Preferably outside California or the US

  • Position best fits new members of the club, promotions to high positions will be granted to those who show dedication

  • Similar responsibilities to the president

  • Need to contact President or Vice president to get location approved


  • Interview

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